Want to be the Valedictorian for Black Graduation 2018?

The theme chosen by the organizing committee for this year’s Black Graduation aligns with the energy Issa Rae gave us on the Grammy red carpet. When asked who she wanted to see win this year, she responded “I’m rooting for everyone black”. Her passion and vigour resonated with us, as it spoke to the wealth of creative genius our community holds, the empowerment of knowing we are the best at what we do.

This year, we are looking for a valedictorian that embodies this sentiment, spanning beyond a particular discipline or field of study. We will be selecting potential award recipients based on projects, initiatives, participation in a community organization or student group etc. that contributes to sustainable infrastructure for the Black community (i.e. health initiatives, educational programming, community event-planning), enhances the lives of black students on campus, is involved in creating space/opportunities for youth and members of our community etc. The award recipient must demonstrate a dedicated effort to the collective (theoretical, practical etc) and actively work to incorporate Black liberatory thought into the work they do within and outside of the institution.

The nominations are currently being reviewed and will be contacted after May 30th, 2018. 

*The awardee will receive a cash prize*